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5th - 7th Floor, Bangunan Yayasan Sarawak,
Jalan Masjid, 93400 Kuching,
Sarawak, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 (0)82 423600
Fax: +60 (0)82 416700
Picture Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm (Close on Public Holidays)

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If adventure had a home, it would be the vast wilderness. Grand, green, awesome!

Like no other place on earth. If adventure had a home, it would be filled with the friendliest people on earth. People of different races, religions and cultures. If adventure had a home, it would be here when one arrives as a guest and leaves as family. If adventure had a home, its home would be Sarawak. Come and explore our vast wild home of adventure.

Sarawak, where adventure lives.

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11 May 2016Jazz Preview At Miri’s Ming Cafe

KUCHING, Monday – Three bands from the Borneo Jazz line-up will be performing in a preview at Ming Café, Miri on Wednesday, May 11 from 8.00pm onwards.

The bands performing are O Sister! (Spain), Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion (Germany & Cuba), Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZDIG (Japan), while the opening performance will be by guest rock band, “The Old Skool” from Brunei.

O Sister! plays music from the golden ages of ‘Dixie’ and ‘Swing’ jazz, and is described as a tribute to North American popular music from the 1920s and 30s.

The Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion, known as the “Masters of Classical Crossover”, because of their multiple award-winning program, Classic meets Cuba. They have sold more than 500,000 albums worldwide and received the Echo Klassik and Jazz Award twice within the last few years.  The Klazz Brothers were also nominated for Grammys for their albums: Classic meets Cuba, Jazz meets Cuba and Mozart meets Cuba....

Rainforest World Music Festival 2016
05 - 07 Aug 2016
Pesta Benak 2013 - Longboat Paddling CompetitionPlay
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