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Last Update: 20 Nov 2018
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Miri City Christmas Parade

This is a combined effort of Miri City Council and 15 churches from in and around the city led by the Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM).   It is to celebrate this jovial festive occasion with the aim of promoting it as one of the signature events in Miri.  The Parade in Year 2016 will be the 8th in the series of successful and crowd puller events.  The event that has received strong support from the local community.

The Parade starts at Miri City Fan, Jalan Kipas, Miri.  The route of Parade covers main streets in Miri City Centre.

Some 45,000 people are expected to take part in the 10th Miri City Christmas Parade.

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Date: 09 Dec 2017
Venue: Miri City Fan Jalan Kipas, Miri
Organizer: Miri City Council in collaboration with churches in Miri

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